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Why are demos so hard to manage?

We'll walk you through the most common issues and show you how to fix them so that your demo process is running like a well-oiled machine

We want to showcase the best scenario, but...

Your best performing client is probably the one that will never allow you to showcase their account to potential customers.


Their analytics data are impressive

A lot of activity & users

They probably have a lot of employees/users using their account. Is there anything worse than accoount with no data?

Real data

Data in their account are real. Latest activity has happened an hour ago and not 9 months ago.

So, you've decided to build a similar demo account

This is the part that's exciting: you've built something real. An account that looks real, with latest activity, with users who logged in and created a post today.


When looking at fresh data, everything looks cool, all dates are realistic.

Branding is generic

You are probably using something like Pied Pipper (Silicon Valley vibes) as a showcase brand. Nobody will complain about their brand exposure. One more problem solved!

That works great for a week or two, and then...

Then all data is irrelevant and considerable amount of work is needed to refresh all user accounts, dates, activities. It essentially becomes a full time job.

What if you need multiple scenarios?

Every time new scenario for demo is added (e.g. customer with different features), the amount of work doubles

In most of cases, this account is kept private and only for screen sharing

Potential customers will not be able to access it afterwards

Most of companies simply stop updating their demo accounts

Product is harder to demo, sales cycle longer - and revenue slows down

Ready to build an amazing demo?

The one that requires no effort to maintain and the one that never crashes?


It's not just a simple demo builder


Build fully interactive demos and use them for your demo calls, share them with your team or externally


Explain functionalities, include interactive demos and share them internally or externally

Use cases

Common use cases for demohoop

Let your sales team use interactive demos

You'll have the full control over the content visible and your team will have an easy way to present some pre-approved scenarios.

Continuously educate your sales team about new features in your app

Our guides will help your team to stay in the loop for new feature releases

Embed live demo right in your landing page without worrying about security

This allows you to quickly showcase your product without giving the access to your application and therefore reduces security risks down to 0

Help your customers understand new features without another scheduled call

Remember guides that you've created for employee education? You can share them externally with your customers


Simple pricing, we believe the choice should be as simple as possible



The essentials to build a simple demo

  • Unlimited demos
  • Share & embed
  • Rich demo editing experience
  • Single user
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Most popular


A plan that goes goes above and beyond your needs

  • Everything in Basic
  • Unlimited demos
  • Unlimited guides
  • Unlimited users
  • Share guides
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Price on request

Amazing for large organizations looking to go even further with customization

  • Everything in Pro
  • Advanced customization
  • Demo bundles & library
  • Dedicated URL
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Frequently asked questions

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How demos are built?
We've built a native desktop apps in order to help you record scenes and actions. It takes 2 minutes to install and get started.
Is my card required in order to start a free trial?
Yes it is. However, you won't be charged anything until your free trial expires (14 days).
Are demos going to work when development team releases a new version of app?
Demos will work just fine. Our technology is making our demos independent from the original service. Changing something in the future won't affect your demos.