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Why are demos so hard to manage?

We'll walk you through the most common issues and show you how to fix them so that your demo process is running like a well-oiled machine

We want to showcase the best scenario, but...

Your best performing client is probably the one that will never allow you to showcase their account to potential customers.


Their analytics data are impressive

A lot of activity & users

They probably have a lot of employees/users using their account. Is there anything worse than accoount with no data?

Real data

Data in their account are real. Latest activity has happened an hour ago and not 9 months ago.

So, you've decided to build a similar demo account

This is the part that's exciting: you've built something real. An account that looks real, with latest activity, with users who logged in and created a post today.


When looking at fresh data, everything looks cool, all dates are realistic.

Branding is generic

You are probably using something like Pied Pipper (Silicon Valley vibes) as a showcase brand. Nobody will complain about their brand exposure. One more problem solved!

That works great for a week or two, and then...

Then all data is irrelevant and considerable amount of work is needed to refresh all user accounts, dates, activities. It essentially becomes a full time job.

What if you need multiple scenarios?

Every time new scenario for demo is added (e.g. customer with different features), the amount of work doubles

In most of cases, this account is kept private and only for screen sharing

Potential customers will not be able to access it afterwards

Most of companies simply stop updating their demo accounts

Product is harder to demo, sales cycle longer - and revenue slows down

There is no pain like when your demo crashes

You're in a meeting with a prospective client, and you're showing them your app demo. You've got it all going: they see how easy it is to use, they can see how much better their life will be when they have this app, and then—BOOM! The demo crashes in front of them.

If you think this will never happen to you, just remember Steve Jobs and his failed demos. Steve handled it well, but you can prevent it before it happens.

How it works?

Sounds like you are recording a video, right?

Well, no. While video is an amazing format, it's not interactive. If we were only recording your flow, that would mean your demo would not be interactive and would not behave as original app.

We take snapshots

Once demo is created, we don't rely on your app anymore. Your app can change, but demo will be the same.

As many snapshots as you want

It's not a single scene, we will let you snapshot mutiple scenes and set up navigation between them. Just like the real app.

Then we let you edit anything you want

This is why your are building your demo in the first place. We will let you customize snapshot as much as you want.

Edit or replace anything

It's easy to replce any text in your demo. Anonymize users, change content, make numbers higher - it's all up to you.

Edit any image

Remember that client who asked you not to use them in demos and they are the best performing client? Replace their brand or profile pictures easily.
Edit anything

It's ready

Once you are done with editing and navigation, demo will stay like that until you decide to change it.

You can use it internally

Once demo is created, we don't rely on your app anymore. Your app can change, but demo will be the same.

You can share it with your potential customers

It's not a single scene, we will let you snapshot mutiple scenes and set up navigation between them. Just like the real app.

You can embed it anywhere

Remember that scary time when you need to open your infrastucture to show live demo on landing page? We handle that for you.

Your demo will never crash

We promise. Even when your application is down, our snapshots won't be.

Ready to build insane demo?

The one that requires no effort to maintain and the one that never crashes?


Incredible suite of tools for incredible demos

Edit anything

Have you ever had a 2 year old date visible in your demo acocunt?

Make & navigate between multiple scenes

Split your demo in multple parts, so it is easier to explain and navigate

Quick and easy way to extract scenes

We provide you with a native macOS app to extract your scenes and record actions

Share & embed

Invite users to view your demo or embed it in your landing page - it looks amazing


Simple pricing, we believe the choice should be as simple as possible



The essentials to build a simple demo

  • Max 3 demos
  • Max 3 scenes per demo
  • Share & embed
  • Rich demo editing experience
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Most popular


A plan that goes goes above and beyond your needs

  • Everything in Basic
  • Unlimited demos
  • Unlimited scenes
  • Share & embed
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Price on request

Amazing for large organizations looking to go even further with customization

  • Everything in Pro
  • Advanced customization
  • Demo bundles & library
  • Dedicated URL
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Frequently asked questions

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How demos are built?
We've built a native desktop apps in order to help you record scenes and actions. It takes 2 minutes to install and get started.
Is my card required in order to start a free trial?
Yes it is. However, you won't be charged anything until your free trial expires (14 days).
Are demos going to work when development team releases a new version of app?
Demos will work just fine. Our technology is making our demos independent from the original service. Changing something in the future won't affect your demos.